You can get class credit history for the coolest things these days. Take for instance, this Automatic Chessboard that [Brian] as well as [James] developed for the final job in one of their classes this spring. We just looked at a robotic chess configuration on Monday that utilized a gripper mounted on a gantry to move the pieces. This one’s a great deal more easy to use as well as borders on magical. That’s since the moving parts are all found below the board as well as might be hidden from view if a appropriate situation were developed around the edges.

There are two primary elements to this build. The very first is a grid of reed switches that find the moves made by a human. This works since each piece the human player utilizes has a weak magnet glued to the bottom which is just strong sufficient to actuate the reed switch as well as let the computer sense what move was just made. On the robotic side of things this works like a plotter. Each of the computer’s pieces has a metallic disc glued to the base. What basically amounts to a plotter under the board utilizes rare-earth magnets to grab the computer’s piece as well as drag it to the next playing position.

The utilize of two separate magnetic systems provides some fascinating style challenges. You can see the gadget in action in the video after the break, as well as a full writeup as well as source code bundle is offered at the blog linked at the top of this feature. however for your convenience we’ve likewise mirrored the PDF whitepaper after the break which lays bare all of the juicy details.

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